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Q.  What type of homes do you sell?

A.  We sell a system built home that is built to the International Residential Code (IRC) and the Uniform Building Code (UBC).  This is the same code used by site builders in the construction of their homes. Basically our homes are stick built in a climate controlled environment and transported on special carriers to your basement or foundation.

Ranches- We build ranch homes in single or multiple sections. These can be designed square, rectangular, T or L shaped. Roofs may be constructed from a 5/12 to 10/12 pitch. (a 5/12 pitch roof means the roof raises 5 feet for every 12 feet of width to the centerline of the home).

Capes- Capes may be built as two or more piece units with the roof hinged down and finished on site or as four piece homes and set with a crane.

Two Story- Two story homes are typically four or more piece homes set with a crane.

Q.  How do your homes compare to a site built home?

A.  Our homes are constructed to the same building codes that local builders are regulated by. In addition to meeting or exceeding these local building codes, they also offer several advantages as a result of being constructed in a building protected from the damaging effects of harsh weather. Our homes also appreciate in value the same as an on-site built home.

Q.  Is there a price list?

A.  Because we’re custom builders and your choices are unlimited, there is not a price list on our homes as such.  Each home is a unique project and each is priced and quoted individually.

Q. How can I finance my new home?

A. You can finance your home through the conventional home mortgage process. Whether you use your local bank where you are already doing business, or choose a specialized mortgage firm or broker, the choice is up to you. Also, our homes are VA and FHA approved, which simplifies the mortgage approval process.

Q.  What Options are available?

A.  Because we custom build to your specification we can offer about any design you want.  We have thousands of options to choose from to put into your home.  If you would like to design your own home we can tell you if the design is not feasible, either financially or engineering possibilities.

Q.  Do your homes carry a guarantee?

A.  Yes. Each new house carries a one year limited builder’s warranty.  As a result of using top quality materials and features, most of the component parts carry their own warranty.

Q.  How do I get started?

A.  It’s very easy. Call us today and request a free color catalog. You can schedule an appointment to view our entire Design Book to select or develop a floor plan that fits your budget and home site. We have many floor plans to choose from and will be happy to assist you in determining how to build your personal favorite. 

Q.  How long does it take to get my home?

A.  Lead time depends on many factors. The major ones are factory capacity, complexity of floor plans, building permits, financing approval, the delivery conditions, as in weather or road closings. We do keep a limited number of homes in stock for customers who may have an emergency, such as fire. However we typically design and build to your personal needs and tastes.

Q.  Why are some homes delivered in one piece and others shipped in multiple pieces?

A.  The shipping method depends on two factors: the design of the home and its destination. Local regulations in some areas limit the width of loads on the roadways. In those areas, it’s necessary to transport the house in two pieces, which is usually the case for customers in reigns serviced by Urwin Enterprises. In other states, we can devise routes that allow us to ship the entire house in one piece. In either case, the houses are identical in workmanship, quality of material and overall appearance.