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Keep in mind we do not provide the mobile home type of “Modular".  Our product is a systems built home which essentially is a stick built home that is transported to your site.

1.   Modular homes have 2x6 exterior walls constructed from the finest lumber. On-site built houses are typically built with 2x4 walls and open to elements which can cause wood to warp or swell leading to a lifetime of structural problems.
2.   Modular homes have superior construction materials and techniques. Materials cut with hand held equipment at a job site cannot compare to a $10,000 radial arm saw or $45,000 computerized precision cutting saw.
3.  To insure a secure trip to your home site, modular homes are built with substantially more lumber used in framing your home.

4.  A special adhesive together with nails or screws is used in fastening components together creating a sturdier structure. Reducing or even eliminating “nail pops” commonly experienced in other homes.

5.  Modular homes have a reduced threat of job-site theft and damage—problems that have plagued on-site building in recent years and can add as much as 10% to the cost of your new home.

6.   Factory inspections cover every construction detail of modular homes which are built to the strictest codes (UBC, 2006 IRC, 2008 NEC , and 2009 IECC) as well as local codes. Trained factory inspectors or independent third party inspectors perform more than one-dozen inspections per house. Most job site inspections may only be performed three or four times, if at all as some areas do not require building inspections.

7.  Factories offer skilled craftsmen steady employment and benefits, resulting in a consistent skilled labor force. You’ll have no worries about delays relating to inexperienced or tardy contractors as your home is nestled within the factory confines.

8.   With additional insulation and precision craftsmanship, systems built homes are significantly more energy efficient. Your utility bills will be far cheaper than your neighbors and save you more money in years to come.

 9.  Factories buy a large amount of lumber, sheet rock, paint etc. They get the highest quality products at bulk pricing.

MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER!!!  Compared to some site builders, bad weather and possible multiple contractors